Our research team has a unique familiarity with the requirements of product labeling and scientific substantiation

To help the fields of aromatherapy and herbalism boost compliance and maximize opportunities, our team offers a scientific substantiation analysis of your product line for free. This service enables you to take advantage of a highly qualified researcher who will evaluate your unique product line, your website, and your catalog or brochure to identify where you could boost profits through product substantiation as well as financial threats due to compliance concerns.

The scientific analysis of your product line(s) includes SWOT identification, enabling you to recognize the strengths in your product line, the weaknesses or gray areas where substantiation may be questionable, the opportunities or low-hanging fruit your team may be missing, and the threats to compliance–areas where your line may be at risk of FDA or FTC warning letters. Findings include identification of products which hold potential to make drug claims through existing FDA approvals, which products are likely to succeed should you choose to advance to clinical trial research, products which are are currently lacking in product substantiation, and products which are currently making drug claims. Unsubstantiated health claims and unauthorized drug claims place your company at risk of FDA warning letters or FTC judgements which can often run into 6 or 7 figures.

After the analysis, our team will provide your team with a one-hour presentation of our findings. You will also be provided with a complete confidential summary of the findings with recommended action steps. The services is available completely free to all essential oil, herbal product, and dietary supplement companies. To request your analysis, simply complete the form.