Essential Oils for Anxiety

Essential Oils for Anxiety • A Short Course

If you have ever wondered whether or not essential oils are effective at addressing conditions such as anxiety, the answer is a resounding yes! Essential oils are some of the most powerful tools available for treating anxiety disorders.

In scientific studies, certain oils have been found to be just as effective as pharmaceutical anxiety drugs without the dangerous side effects. In this workshop, you will learn how to use EOs for both chronic anxiety disorders and short-term stress with safe and effective oil formulations.

What You Will Learn

  • The Best Essential Oils for Anxiety Disorders
  • What it Means to Have Anxious Feelings vs an Anxiety Disorder
  • Evidence-Based Aromatherapeutic Treatments for Anxiety

Admissions & Completion

The purpose of this course is personal enrichment and professional development. As such, there are no admissions requirements. Registration is available for only $79. The program includes 4 contact hours of interactive education delivered through video lectures and downloadable reading material. Upon successful completion of all content and the included assessments, an auto-generated certificate of completion will be available.

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100% of the purchase price of this course is used to fund scientific research in integrative health.


Delivery Method:
On Demand

Course Length:
4 contact hours


Price to Register:

Course Includes

Educational Materials:

  • 2 video lectures totaling 89 minutes
  • 2 PDF worksheets to accompany the lectures
  • A 45-minute video lab demonstration
  • 4 scientific study downloads

Access Period:
60 days

Graded Assessments:
2 quizzes